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Beast in a King {Act 2, Scene 2} by Patrick Amaefule

Read the previous scene here.


Rome. Morning of another day. Basilica in view.


Roman soldiers stand guard at every corner of the complex multi-storied building. Their act of defence is well exemplified ; with spears, shields,  heavy swords and unwavering stoic-standing position that compliments their stern duty faces.


Their spiritless skulls are crowned by brown helmets, faces with their impassive purpose chill and hard. They have choosing that part which is to protect their  Emperor than to die a dishonouring death as a common Roman.


Baggio Del Navarro is seen walking in the basilica, which’s built during his birth on the order of his father Delgado Del Navarro, as a mark of remembrance of his birth.


The basilica is situated on the low hill seven miles away from the palace. It radiates with joyous exuberance through the elaborate architectural designs and wall paintings around central atrium.


The statue of the first Roman Emperor Augustus of the principate era is erected at one side of the bailey as a vestige of elaborate transitions of extraordinary historical occurrences . While in the central forecourt along the royal chambers , a portrait of Emperor Delgado and a baby statue knitted beneath his knee region are well adorned, which is suggestive of prince Baggio acceding to the throne after his father.


The basilica is of Romanesque design in its classical architecture with great pillars supporting the broad arches and domes, with a row of purely decorative piers in front of a load-bearing wall.


He watches as his spy arrives by a horse-draw carriage that morning. He has been expecting him in the last few days.


At last, he is here to deliver of his espionage report to Emperor Baggio.


Golias walks quickly through an entrance guarded by a cluster of armed soldiers on each side. He looks at his right . On every block are Roman guards with their armours braced over their abdomen region. They paddle up and down the basilica. Some are on the roof and fence as against any air invasion. As he draws closer he greets the Emperor in a Roman way; extending the right arm frontally and raising it , and with the palm of the hand facing down he bows his head.


GOLIAS : Long live Your Eminence.


BAGGIO : (Reaches out with a warmth embrace) Gollie! Welcome back!. Your presence puts me into a better humour, always. I thank you for your readiness to deliver in time of exigencies.


GOLIAS : ( Lets out a smile of his mahogany face ) Your Eminence. I couldn’t be any useful if I didn’t serve your purpose. What better way to show my loyalty ? And what better way to prove my patriotism, Your Eminence?


BAGGIO : ( Churns out a smile) Except that we only have a better way in one man-Golias. And there are no others.

(They laugh)


GOLIAS : (Bows head ) Am greatly humbled Your Eminence. It’s an honour to serve Your Eminence.


BAGGIO : ( Turns to lead the way) Am pleased with the radiance of that smile , Gollie.


GOLIAS : I thank Your highness.


BAGGIO :  moment like this doesn’t come all the time.  Now we have to make this short. Let us proceed to my palace. ( Pats his shoulder) Gollie , we don’t have all the time.


In a matter of time he recovers a small wooden box from a man who seems to be the driver of the cart that he rode on. At that moment they move into the basilica , Baggio leading the way as they walk side by side. Golias’ keen observation misses nothing, as his eyes catch sight of a guard that shepherds the man out of the gate with a shoo away gesture. He shrugs with contempt but hides it with a broad smile while maintaining a quick match with the Emperor.


(Exeunt )


To be continued…

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