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Help Her by Emmanuel Boison

When she says no and her actions say otherwise,

You see the helplessness and innocence in her eyes,

Please don’t take advantage of her weakness,

Mostly not of her lack of will power or meekness.

When you see she is not strong enough to insist,

You see she is doing her best but cannot resist,

Please don’t take advantage of her fragile heart,

Back off! And don’t tear her emotions apart.

When her heart, mind and body all seem confused,

Your voice, smile and stare only get her bemused,

Be a gentle man and don’t confuse her the more,

Don’t be the reason the cells of her body are at war.

Please help her to be what she says and stands for,

To be the ethical woman of virtue she was before,

And don’t take advantage of the weakness in her,

When she says no, please do agree without demur.

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