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Oh! My and thy Africa

The great and evergreen savannah

The mignonette land of mighty elites

Whose the whites once called rubes’ land,

And played her kite near a ruined site,

Subjected her people to rigorous and severe obligations,

When they must concur to the whips of savannah sun;

Demarcating black backs with red scars,

Exploiting her net-worth for senseless swap,


“Oh! This is too bad,we are rational”

The then African warriors say,

And their squirrel climbed the plantain stem;

With a very sharp paw nail;

To see the flag of the White faded.


Oh! Africa “WHY?!!!”

I asked and the forest re-echoed

Why can’t you act without their control?

In thy politics and policies they intervene,

Thy culture’s limelight is of no value to you,

Great minded crossed over the sea, to feel thy culture,,

The golden pen of the cold weather pleaded to write about its propensity,

Haa!,why did you turn all these to scoundrel?

Must you borrow style against thy great and distinct brunette style?

Why did you still subjacent your power to the whites?

Why did you subject thy people to mental slavery?

Oh! Africa, thou can live without the faded flowers’ control.



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