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African Son {Chapter 20} by Jurgen Namupira Troy

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The morning a day after the dream Ben’s home received an early bird. Its arrival was made known by a soft knock on the rear door that pulled Mamoyo back to life from her deep sleep. She shook Ben and asked him to check the door as she thought she had heard a knock. Half alive Ben moved to the front door and found no one there and headed back to sleep. As he nearly jumped back into bed the knock came up again from the back and he took a deep sigh.

Instantly he put on his morning shoes again and walked out of the bedroom and went to attend the unannounced early bird.

Ben, upon opening the door, was both surprised and happy at the same time. The face behind the door was one he had been thinking of some time and was planning of visiting anytime soon. It was his aunty Mai Tanya whom he usually called Vatete Mai Tanya or just Vatete.

Vatete is Shona for father’s sister and Mai Tanya was Ben’s father’s sister. Mai Tanya had taken over the nurturing of the man who Ben is after his parents perished in a car accident. By this time she was expecting a baby whom she then called Tanyaradzwa, shortened to Tanya, which means we are consoled. The baby was a consolation to the loss of the wonderful family members. She raised Ben as her own son out of her womb and made sure he learnt the rightful manners.

“Are you going to keep on starring at me there?” asked Vatete Mai Tanya.

“I’m sorry Vatete, it’s just that I’m surprised to see you. Please, do come in,” he said as he grabbed her luggage.

Vatete Mai Tanya had woken up so early to catch the earliest buses from Chegutu to Mhondoro. It was not easy to get transport in the morning from the town coming down to the village. They were either so early or very late during the day.

They went in and sat in the lounge were they exchanged greetings but this time it was Vatete Mai Tanya who was surprised;

“I heard you were in a car accident but where are the scars?” she asked.

“Vatete that is a very long story, I will explain it to you later.” Ben said as he stood up and headed for his bedroom to collect his wife.

When Mamoyo saw Vatete Mai Tanya she jumped into the air and flew across the room. The two ladies embraced each other passionately but the emotions were too much for Mamoyo that she dropped a few tears. This was the mother who took care of the husband she almost lost. She was the pillar that reinforced their relationship since they were boy and girl with still a long way to become husband and wife.

Later on after being served tea and having some time with her grandchildren she called Ben aside. It was now time for hard talk and Ben knew he was in for either a lecture or a thorough treating.

“Ben, tell me my son. What is it that I heard about you being in illegal dealings?” she asked looking straight into his eyes.

Ben could not contain the embarrassment and hid his face from his aunt. He explained to her the situation he was caught up in and how he was manipulated. She listened attentively and began her lecture and Ben could even hardly move an inch. Vatete Mai Tanya was very cross with him and almost grabbed him by his ear for being such dumb and being manipulated by another man.

“Now listen to me, we are going to the man’s house and we have to apologize accordingly. We will have to make peace with the family for things to go well for us,” she spoke with authority and Ben did not object in anyway.

An hour later they found themselves in Masimba’s compound where they sat under the big Musasa tree. Chenai served them all some tea and they drank down their time and grievances.

Masimba stressed the fact he had not held any grudge against Ben. It had been revealed to him in his dreams that Ben was also a victim like him and had long forgiven him. After that they sat around and had a good time with Ben and Masimba catching up once again.


Mai Tanya muriko here???? I just had to find a way to include you somehow. Liked you really felt concerned about Ben’s ignorance.


To be continued…

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