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I am a hero By Jurgen Namupira Troy

I am not self proclaimed

But I am self justified,

Not because I feel myself

But because I know myself.

It isn’t self esteem

But I still rebuke low self esteem.

In this unstable global village

I have strode with rage,

Disorder itself being unorderly

Became the order of the day heroically,

Fortunately out of my own resilience

I have resisted to shift into a nuisance.

I have become a hero to myself

Who might remain unsung only if…

I meant to say only if I don’t recognize my hero

Because the world is still justified to say I’m zero.

I’m a hero without seeking man’s validation

Because most believe after remuneration.

I’m an unsung hero only to the world


Click here to watch the video of this poem.

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