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African Son {Chapter 22} by Jurgen Troy Namupira

Read the previous chapter here. 


“You are truly a produce of this land

A seed of my proud womb

A man of virtue

Wise in decision making

And very slow to anger.

I have sought for your likeness

I have turned all rocks upside down

I have scrounged all the pits

There is none like you

My Tembo my pride”

This was Mrs Tembo praising her son. Age was getting the best of her and did not allow her to attend the court sessions. All she did now was eat, sleep and wake to repeat the same thing over and over again. However, her son’s performance had spread over the land like a veld fire and landed in her ears. Masimba had done it again, overlook what the people expect him to do but did what is right.

Some would say Masimba lived his life for those around him but that was not the case. Masimba was sent and chosen to heal the land from the wounds of the society. He was a pioneer of love and unity who was on a mission each and every day.

Mrs Tembo stood on the support of her walking stick, she danced for her mighty son, the resilient warrior. She saw the courage in her son’s eyes and acknowledged it.

“My son, you are the dream of every mother,” she said placing her weak feeble hand on his shoulder. “What you have done today, not all man can do. It is a sign of greatness, you are the good brother’s keeper.”

“Mother,” said Masimba. “I ought to do the right thing. Although he is long gone, father taught me to fight for the well being of those around me. Just like what he did, he went to war to fight the courageous war for those around him, even those he didn’t know and did not know him also.”

“We all miss him. He was a great man and he did a good job in fathering you, he is proud of you wherever he is,” Mrs Tembo said and began to cry. She was touched by her own words aided by the acts of her son.

Whilst all this was going on something wrong was going on also. Chipo came out of the hut running and shouting “Mukoma! Amai! (Brother! Mother!)” This surprised Masimba and ran towards her and she took him by the hand and pulled him to the heart.

In there was Chenai sleeping on the ground soaking wet in sweat. She showed signs of a terrible fever but it was weird.

“What could have happened to his sister,” thought Masimba but he could not answer himself. He picked her up and ran along with her to the local hospital. It was not long until she was admitted with the doctor claiming that Chenai needed full medical attention and there were tests that he had to carry out on her.

“Doctor, please do anything that you would want to do but save my sister. I don’t want to lose her, she is very important to me and my mother.”

“Do not worry yourself Masimba my good friend, you sister is in good hands. She will be fine in no time,” said the doctor assuring Masimba that Chenai will be fine.

Masimba could not go back home and decided to stay around the hospital until his sister recovered her health and return home together.


Change of mind the story will carry on for a few more chapters. You guys make me want to write more and more.


To be continued…

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