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African Son {Chapter 23} by Jurgen Namupira Troy

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“Please do come in,” said the doctor as he welcomed Masimba into his office.

It was two days after his sister, Chenai, had been admitted at the hospital. She showed signs of a fever but they were not yet certain and only the test results would tell. Was he ready to contain the results?

What more could move him? He had been through thick and thin in his, life was already a living hell and a mere sickness would not be something so big for him. A few medication provision would work the magic on his sister and he would take her back home.

Fortunately he was right that he would take her back home. However, on the medication part he had missed it as the issue was beyond that. The sickness she had was an enormous one which would take up to nine months to heal. Things were no longer going to be the same for Chenai. A sequence of morning sicknesses, increased weight, protruding belly, but what would have caused all these?

“The girl you brought in is your sister right?” asked the doctor.

“Yes doctor,” responded Masimba.

The doctor reached across his desk to shake hands with Masimba and handed him a few papers;

“Well, congratulations you are soon to be uncle.”

“Eh sorry doctor, what do you mean?” asked Masimba as if he had not heard the doctor.

The doctor proudly responded, “Sir, your sister is three weeks pregnant, congratulations once again.”

What kind of a joke was this? This is a million dollar question which had no answer at all. No one was joking and Chenai was now an expecting mother. How come? Who knew except the pregnant lady and the heavens.

For a wise guy, Masimba avoided the topic on their way back home. They got home and spent the whole day catching up on what Chenai had missed whilst her absence.

All this while Masimba looked at her from a distance in disappointment at his family. “How could she be concerned about these materials when she even missed a period? Does that not affect her in her mind? Once again, no one was there to answer his questions.

Later that night after supper Masimba asked Chipo and Chenai to give some pace to him and his mother. They both walked out of the hut and went into their sleeping hut. Chipo was the first to find her way out and Chenai followed slowly. She was probably still in pain after the sudden sickness she encountered.

“Mother there is fire on the mountain,” said Masimba when the coast was clear.

“What do you mean by that?” asked Mrs Tembo.

“I received the results from the hospital for the tests they did on Chenai.”

“So what did they say is wrong with your sister?”

“Mother Chenai is pregnant,” he said shaking his head in dismay. “I couldn’t ask her on our way, I thought you should talk to her instead.”

“Nhai Mwari wangu! (Oh my God!),” exclaimed Mrs Tembo. “What is the meaning of this, what wrong did we do this to anger this world. Should a widow never experience eternal happiness on this earth.” She burst into tears before her son. Masimba embraced and passionately wiped her tears.

“Please be strong mother, we need your strength right now. Try to talk to her nicely and find out the father of the child.”

They sat around for a few moments and then called it a night dispersing to their sleeping huts.



Will Mrs Tembo find it easy to confront Chenai?


To be continued…

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