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African Son {Chapter 24} by Jurgen Namupira Troy

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Chipo woke up early and left for school living behind the rest of the family. Masimba left next en route to his maize field which he had deserted. He was quite impressed by the growth of his crop but his mind was so far away from the field. All he thought of was the ogre that preyed on his young sister. All his dreams of seeing her graduate from university as a lawyer had been shattered.

He stood by the edge of his field and one of the young village boys passed by. The boy greeted him and continued with his journey but all of a sudden paused. He turned around and came back to Masimba and stood beside him.

“I’m sorry sir, may I please have a word with you,” said the young boy.

“Yes, you can always talk to me at any time,” Masimba replied.

“Would you please hire me to work on your field? I would like to raise money to go to university next year.

Masimba paused for a moment, and then looked into the boy’s eyes. he stared at him and just smiled.

“Ok young man, when would you like to start working?” Masimba asked.

“Anytime sir,” the boy said excitedly.

“So today it’s a Friday you will start on Monday. Pay me a visit tomorrow that we discuss your wages.”

The boy thanked Masimba and went off his way very happy.

Back home Mrs Tembo was still confused. How would she ask Chenai about this development in her body?

“Chenai!” called out Mrs Tembo.

“I’m coming mother, just a minute,” Chenai responded and came out of her hut looking so tired.

“You seem so tired my daughter,” said Mr Tembo.

“Yes mother, I don’t even know what’s going on.

“Come here and sit next to me.”

Chenai sat next to her mother and they talked about all sorts of stuff. Chenai got comfortable around her mother and Mrs Tembo noticed that too. That was when she summoned the daredevil to set aside the feeling of hesitation.

“Did the doctors tell you the results after your tests?” she asked.

“No mother, they did not tell me anything. The doctor only had a talk with brother Masimba.”

“Chenai I am your mother and I want you to talk to me woman to woman.”

“What do you mean mother?” asked Chenai.

“Chenai…” Mrs Tembo took a deep sigh. She looked into her daughter’s eyes, then her belly. She continued down to her legs. “Who did you sleep with?” she asked.

“I always sleep with Chipo and you know that,” said Chenai but her face sold her out. She was shocked and could not hide it. Mrs Tembo kept on asking until Chenai burst into uncontrolled tears. Trying to defend herself she kept on denying that she had slept with someone else besides Chipo.

“Do you know that you are pregnant?

“What, me pregnant,” she immediately stood on her feet and raised her chest out. In the midst of she all of a sudden covered her mouth with both hands and ran behind the hut and vomited heavily. She came back holding her back walking very slowly.

“Are you ready to talk now?” asked Mrs Tembo.

“Yes mother, I’ll tell you everything.”

“Now sit here and talk to me.”

“It is a man called Tichaona from the city. I told him he should stop it but he promised me that he will take me to the city.”

“So did he take you to the city then?” asked Mrs Tembo.

“No mother,” she said and began to cry again. “He never returned, after that day I never saw him again and has not come to take me from school like he always did.”

Mrs Tembo shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. Was this why her husband left her alone with the family? So that she would suffer all this emotional torture.


To be continued…

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