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Beast in a King {Act 2, Scene 3} by Patrick Amaefule

Read the previous part here.


The same Rome. Within Baggio’s Palace.


It’s midday. The August sun moves up in the sky and throws a golden glow over the azure cloud; its ray seems to walk over the milk-white walls of the basilica and settles against the high, solid walls of the building. It radiance excites the massive construction with a whitening spark.


Soldiers standing sentinel are seen manning the building , and the perimeters are kept watched on by the heavily armed guards ; every two metres within the basilica are clutches of armed sentries in orderly position with hands on their hilt and in readiness for any eventual assault.


At the left wing on the third level of the building are Baggio  and Golias in one of the largest relaxation alcoves upon where he is reclining on a fur-like coated chair , he stretches his pliant frame energetically as he rises from the seat and walks over a gold service table at about a yard away by a window.


BAGGIO :  ( Asks impatiently)  When is my father’s guest arriving ?


GOLIAS : ( Replies swiftly ) It has remained unannounced ,Your Eminence. He gave me to understand he must happen upon the palace of Grand Eminence of Rome before setting out to meet you.


Baggio stands for a long time looking beyond the high, stone walls and vermilion palace of his father Emperor Delgado toward the southeast.


Unlike his basilica , his father’s appears to have been designed of concrete and later distinctly carved, its complete  surface being covered with intricate arts cut deep into the stone-like material of which it looks to be composed of . His father’s palace is about thirty earth-feet, while he’s is approximately forty in height to the base of the basilica. In all respects both seem identical in construction with those dome-capped outlays.


Though years past since, His father’s seems lightly weather-worn owing to the time it was built. It’s a thought that flickers in his mind whilst he casts his gaze at the distant palace.


Golias casts his look , with it’s cool, well-acquainted gaze at Baggio’s familiar countenance ; his carriage is that of pristine health and physical indefectible–the unexacting conformity of classic coordination. He fastens his snake-like black eyes on him , believing that he truly has a personage of high dignity in the crowned prince of Rome.


At about few seconds later , Baggio steps further a foot or two to get a less obstructive view of his father’s dome-shaped palace.


BAGGIO : ( He sighs with mix feeling and turns to face Golias)  I don’t want him to happen upon me at my nappy times. (Looking quizzically at him) I do not make a half-witted man my aide? There is a situation that calls for bold , not timid responses.


GOLIAS : I already sent Belloti a communique for advance protocols, Your Eminence . He will dispatch to the palace of The Grand Eminence of Rome. Giannis must get the gazette in half an hour time, Your Eminence.


At a brief moment , Baggio is seen striding back and forth the large alcove , his face brews with unreadable expression, obviously not in a rage but clearly unhappy.


He strides back and rests his body against the huge pillar, looking quizzically on Golias.


BAGGIO : Any information on how I can put my hands on Vinicius?


GOLIAS : The good times we had with Tarius are over , Your Eminence. I saw from my last espionage; It’s obvious. Now we must be very serious , and see them as our greatest foe. Vinicius has inspired hate against the Romans. He has made an avowal that Tarius will be a sovereign kingdom , to lift the Yoke of Roman Empire  off his people. The last seems to be his latest spur on people of Tarius.


At the instant Golias takes a slip of material in his small bag , he rises from the seat upon which he is seated and walks toward the side of the alcove by a window, and passes the material across to him.  Golias pauses , deep in thought , and then turns his gaze on Baggio who is busy reading from the scroll that is in his hand.


Momentarily he casts quick glances at Golias lest he misses a line from the letter. He finds it appealing to take a seat and there he sits to study the strange ,shorthand characters of the Roman script worded to him.


BAGGIO : (Brows furrow as he takes a seat ) Insigne wrote everything down ?


GOLIAS : And Giannis at the close of the letter , wrote his testament down while none but your father may read what he had written to you.


BAGGIO : Why did he choose to do so ? Am not my father’s stooge!


Baggio’s teeth set in grim disappointment, even with wildest stretch of imagination ,it is an enigma beyond his power of deduction. He can see his heart burning from scarlet rage. In short moment, quietness descends on the alcove.


GOLIAS : ( Breaks the silence) He instructed that the Grand Eminence will transmit it to you —


BAGGIO : ( Smacks hard on the table ) Stop ! Your grand -whatever you call it! Yeah , I got it ; did I get it , for  better understanding , for it was written in his own encoding language? I know of it all, I know of it all , Golias. The much I try to think of it , does not Baggio of Rome always do that which pleases him? Fierce is the Emperor of Rome to the influence of all. Even in the hands of my father.


He stands and folds arms upon his broad chest , blues eyes flashing from behind his eyelid , he did not deign to make a word of overture for a long time. Then Golais stutters while he tries to dish a counsel


GOLIAS : Your Eminence , Our —


BAGGIO : ( Interrupts ) Our expectation from those we call ‘Friend of Family’ doesn’t look better , and I started to think now that Giannis is clearly weak to be of greater important to us in the future.


GOLIAS : ( Refutes subtly) I think Giorgios will be useful to us , Your Eminence. It’s unwise if I think otherwise. He has been a loyal friend of your father. He is an ancient man of great wit.


BAGGIO :  With time , men of great wisdom seem to be foolish. He has already mocked the perception of my honour and the awe of my leadership.

( Walks to Golias and pats his shoulder)



But let me ask you, Golias, would joining ally with Giannis help us ?


GOLIAS : ( Firmly replies ) Yes ,Your, Eminence. Giorgios is too eloquent and has good memory . We will use him to mastermind very many plots in the course of this struggle; If it satisfies his sense of discretion.


BAGGIO : ( Sigh of relief)  I do not tend to ignore him, Golias, nor yet may I despise him. But sometimes it is of wisdom if one engages wisely.


GOLIAS : ( Speaks with a flashing eyes before the Emperor ) Albeit , we must not fail to realize the grave danger of the Roman Armies in Tarius .


In an instant his bluish eyes blazes as he pulls himself haughtily to his full length , and then he breathes deeply and his manner deflates as he nods his head continuously. Then he brushes pass Golias and takes his leave, tapping on the scroll. Soon the world will learn that Baggio of Rome can not be ruled by the forces of nature.


BAGGIO : ( Walks away in pride ) I will not order my men to their death in a strange land. Shall we discuss about your espionage about even of today ?


GOLIAS : ( Bows head and follows behind as they leave ) As you wish , Your Eminence.


[Exeunt ]


To be continued…

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