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The Mutarazi Falls by Jurgen Namupira Troy

It is only in my dreams

I have set my eager feet there,

But my mind and heart

Still long a first hand contact.


Magnificent they are;

The favorable view from any angle,

My eyes can’t afford to resist

Man! I love nature.


Oh! Tell me about the cool breeze;

Showers everywhere,

Flora so lively green

And thick as cream.



The best are always reserved,

I explored the least in awe

But this one waited to be last.


Oh yes!

Maybe last but not least,

With more stories to tell

It remains the best place to be.



Even the mystery so fascinating;

The Golden Still remains uncollectible,

Some wannabe history makers even perished.


What a heritage so beautiful,

What a history so wonderful,

Although not so popular

Mutarazi Falls has caught my attention.

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