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My flaming Desire by Alfred Joseph Poet4Christ

Though the day turns dark or shines bright, I write;

Though weak with toil, with a wick full of oil, I write;

Whether asleep or awake, I slip not but partake;

I’m a duty-bound flock, scribbling round the clock, with little breaks;

To clothe my desire with an attire wholly set afire;

With heightened flame of an enlightened soul, kept under control;

And fed with the coal of a clear-cut goal;

At every origination of awakened imagination, playing my role;

A sailor wading through storms of distraction with foresight;

A tailor stitching forms of ideas in shreds with threads of insight;

Ever willing to learn, grabbing my pen every now and then;

I yearn to earn the right to write in my bookish den;

From dusk to dawn, my sword stay drawn;

Ready to run through and burn aught that scorn my brawn.


Excerpt from July 2017 Poetry Contest



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