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Judge’s note on July 2017 Youth Shades Poetry Contest 

Everyone who did submit a piece is a poet, and that tells why they would have all won should the contest had gone their way; their way because:

A number of the poets worked outside the stated rules as minor as NOT MORE THAN 14 LINES.

We saw lines best described as PROSAIC Poetry – the lines were more prosaic that poetic.

At the expense of context (topical relevance), some were too rhyme conscious.

Some finest lines ever read were totally unconcerned with the given topic – PASSION

You see it doesn’t mean that you are not good for not winning it all? Just a little more effort, heart on instructions driven by a balanced focus, stardom awaits YOU!

Our Judge, Akinsimoye Samuel O. Godson is a seasoned lover of art expressions, an exquisite writer, editor and teacher of Creative Writing, Drama, Literature and the English Language. He has judged and co-judged a number of literary contests.

Read online or download July 2017 Poetry Contest here. 


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