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Song for my Muse by Realise Mwase

Living with myself without you is like having a busy hive in my head with

no honey dripping forth

I know I want to love you till the line between lover and love is no more

Till a sonnet is what I whisper with my eyes when I gaze upon your royal


Till fireflies become light itself and reality collapses on itself to birth


Till night becomes day and smiles cease to be armor

Till shadows scare no more and all we know is a world of our own

Till we can see walls crumble and give way to gardens of bliss and merriment

Till the beach is no more and our lives float in this ocean of roses

Till time is but a distant perception and yes, we could be stuck in a

moment forever

Till thirst is quenched in an locking of eyes, then lips; and passion grows

in leaps and bounds

Till home becomes wherever your hand lies in mine

Till mirrors become windows and the sky is our only ceiling, moon peering

Yea, I’ll grab hold of you as you take over my soul to pen revelations to

make angels revel

Such is my passion, my quill, to take me on a fiery journey to another love

quantum, an unprecedented level.


Excerpt from July 2017 Poetry Contest


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