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Tell Mother by Frank Alozie

Tell mother

That I walked that long rope of uncertainty

Dangling over pitfalls of discouragement

My legs gave way

Like earth ebbing on crusts of sand


Tell mother

I held on, like the last strands on a maiden’s lock

Like the last leaves on autumn’s trail

Like the last show before the curtain’s fall


Tell mother

Her love egged me on

Its gust like a gust of fresh wind

Stabbing, piercing and icy

Filling my lungs with frozen determination

Determination moulded through moments of motherly mensch


Tell mother

I saw her face

Angelic, rapturous, lovely , serene

Like oceans on a sunny day

Like windy paths strewn with luscious landscape

Like mountains wearing crowns of clouds



Tell mother

My legs gave way and I fell through

Like a sunken vessel

Shocked by life’s tidal waves

Drowned by the watery realities of living

Her words, her love, her care

Couldn’t save me

I rest at the bottom

Seething, silent, serene, submerged.


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