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Seriously Shut Up by YakekponoAbasi Adams

You see your friend’s husband standing along the road with a strange woman, and you immediately call your friend to report same… and more.

You tell your friend (Mrs. A) that her husband (Mr. A) was looking at the woman (Lady A) with ‘consuming’ eyes. You tell Mrs. A that there was something fishy about how Mr. A and Lady A were smiling.

Meanwhile, you don’t tell Mrs. A that you were some kilometers away from Mr. A and Lady A. You don’t tell Mrs. A that you aren’t quite sure of the ‘consuming’ eyes, because you couldn’t see clearly from that distance.

Some people cannot keep their mouths shut. These are the ones that keep putting their noses where they don’t belong. And they always hide behind the ‘I’m trying to be your friend’ veil.

You should be aware of these ‘friends’. They are the types that can easily destroy your marriage or relationship on whimsical impulses. These people don’t pause to gather their facts before they go on a gossiping spree.

When you really think about it, they’ve had nothing to contribute to your life, except tons of gossips. These tons of gossips only put you in trouble. You’re there and the next minute, you’re called upon to prove who said what at where and when.

You should take some time and reflect on the kinds of friends you have and what they’ve contributed to your life. When you meet your friends, what do you discuss?

If you are a talkative, I’ve got two words for you : Shut Up.

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