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Chains and walls by Jurgen Namupira

When I stretch my right arm

The left should parallel and against

the wall

The same is true when I stretch my


How I wish I could even be able to

stretch any one of the two

The only thing I can do is stand, sit

and sleep.

The maximum I get per day is

fifteen minutes

Fifteen minutes of direct sunlight.

I am surrounded by hard grey walls

The walls seem to be drawing closer

each day

The small window

Luckily situated on the eastern side

of the room

Only allows few solar energy to be

absorbed in the cell.

Sometimes I feel like I will freeze to


I’m a prisoner

I cannot move around as I please

Would it help?

Or rather worsen the pain

My hands and legs in chains

I resort to sitting all day to ease the


I cry

But I hold my precious tears

I am not a coward.

I am a prisoner

In this unjust world

They hold me captive against my


They locked me up for teaching

them to be revolutionaries.

Believe me,

One day, our day shall come

Africa shall be for Africans

Said the war heroes

When they were punished

Punished for saying the truth

For preaching freedom for the

African man


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