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Road to Glory By Muyideen Ayuba

Roaring, growling, screaming and barking

The echo of the dark gloom sacred way

Oscillating, wandering, skeptical and roving

It seems the way unclear and gray

And where is the way, who know should say?


They say along the hell beneath the tempest

Adjacent with convection of cumulus

Thunderstorms of sadden rain-stone there rest

Beside it the awful men and women in jealous

With harmful toxic claw, the blood covetous


I shouted, my Lord! What else to bring along?

Courage, persistence, determination and faith

The voice replied but all in all you must still be strong

Go! My soul to the land where lived the Smiths

And know that glory is never once a myth


Here? Yes, here I arrive, the land of my glory

Through the journey, neither do I see nor do I hear

The eyes slept not, the stomach cried hungry

Despite the jungle in the journey, nor do I care

With glory I stand and speak, never shall I fear


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