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Are you a poet? If you answered yes, that’s good. Do you want to make money with your pen? If you answered yes again, that’s even better. Enter into this competition now and make money writing poetry.


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Email ONLY ONE poem on the theme – BETRAYAL to

Include the theme, your poem’s topic, your name and country in the subject of the email. For example Passion, This is my Passion, John Osas, Nigeria.

Your poem should be original and never published elsewhere.

Your poem should not be more than 14 lines.

Attach the poem as a Microsoft word document (.doc). DO NOT WRITE THE POEM IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL.

Use Font type – Times New Roman and Font Size – 16

Submission deadline is 10th September, 2017


Only poems that follow the submission guidelines will be accepted, compiled and published.

Why you should partake in this competition:

Winner bags $10 and we will publish his/her interview.

The winner, 2nd and 3rd runner-ups receive certificates of participation.

Your work gets published and exposed to an international audience as we have readers across several contents including Africa, Asia, South America and Europe.

ALL entries will be promoted on our website – continuously for two (2) months.

You can submit different poems every month on different competition themes. This means you can partake in the competition as often as you want and increase your chances of winning.

….. and other benefits.


Also to be featured in this publication include ARTS AND SKILLS  – paintings, abstract illustrations, drawings, cartoons, makeovers, fashion designs, and photography. Artists can email their creative works to

THERE IS NO PRIZE FOR THE ARTS AND SKILLS SEGMENT; Youth Shades will only promote works of artists. Include your name in subject of the email.


Youth Shades hosts a monthly poetry contest to address sociocultural issues while promoting poets globally by showcasing their works to an international audience. In a bid to encourage winners, we will sell subsequent PDF compilations across online stores at an affordable price, so you can support us to appreciate the winners with cash awards and other gifts.


The Contest has three (3) stages.

Stage 1: Submission – In this stage, poets are invited to submit poems on a specific theme on or before the deadline.

Stage 2: Judgment – Judge(s) declare(s) the winning poem based on authenticity and which best describes the theme.

Stage 3: Compilation – All entries are compiled into a PDF and published online.


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