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LEARNING POETRY with Akinsimoye Samuel O. Godson

You want to write poems? Welcome to our world of step-by-step tutorial. Today, we shall be seeing a tool from our poetry arsenal. But, before that, let’s see these lines:


Shall I here welcome you to dine

Where you shall dine or die

For so is the fate of all men.


Did you just skip those lines? That’s what has been stopping you from penning good poetry; it’s time to stop it. The above lines may not appeal to you if you don’t appeal to them. Yes! Understanding poetry is a mutual relationship – you have to let poetry understand you as well. I guess I’m making it more complex. But, in a bit you may see it plain.


You know, I’ve heard, read, and seen people scream “poetry sucks!” eventually, these crop of persons want to write quality poems, finally they are stuck! I’m not surprised; poetry sucks because you are stuck! I mean, how do you expect to write a good poem when you hate reading and appreciating poems? And that, is the first step to writing quality poems, dear! Learn to read and appreciate the works of others. The reason is simple – once you are able to understand poems of others, you are unconsciously equipped and qualified to write one.


That will be all for this edition, until next edition, ensure you try appreciating poems of any five classical poets from Andrew Marvell,  Christopher Marlowe, John Donne, William Shakespeare, John Milton and William Wordsworth. What it takes to understand a poem is almost what it takes to write one.

See ya!


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