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Seeking Insanity

Miles Regalo sat across from the fire, arms dangling on his bent knees,sun-yellow blonde hair casually slumped over his forehead, and his focused blue eyes concentrted on the floor. He had just became fully conscious after being violently awaken from his nightmare (or ‘omen’ everyone called it) by his father, who had thrown him out of the house in order to prevent spooking Priscilla. It was harsh,yes, but necessery for his darling little sister’s well being. The omen was about her after all, and would deeply disturb her if she saw her big brother kicking and screaming her name. He hated his ‘gift’. It was stupid and more like a curse. It had turned him into a ‘blackout freak’ at school and isolated him from his peers. Not one person would understand the mental imprisoning he had to deal with. It was his normal to be insane, but his insanity to be normal. Not one person understood this either. Except for Miranda. He let her shadow roam around the fire before he actually looked up. This didn’t fully conceal his blushing. He could tell when her upturned strawberry lips curved into a grin. “Who are you? A hobo?” “Nice. I was half expecting you to call me Smokey the Bandit,” Miles said sarcastically. “Looking at you in that dusty, gray hoodie, I almost did.” Miranda circled the fire and planted herself next to Miles on the dirt. “Why are you still here? George said you could come inside.” It amazed Miles when Miranda still called her step-dad George. It sounded foreign and like she wanted to be alienated from him even though he married her mother three years ago. Her mother was pretty, of course, but Miranda had gotten the best features from both sides. She had the sun-kissed, brown hair and the minimal cheek and nose bridge freckles from her biological father and the soft cheekbones and strong jawline of her mother. She was gorgeous. Every boy at school hit on her at least once, making Miles’ vision and cheeks turn a furious red color. “It was about Priscilla this time,” he mumbled. “It was terrible. I can’t go back inside. If I see her, I’ll blackout again.” It was silent before Miranda asked,”Are you gonna sleep out here?” “I don’t see it any other way…” “Move over,” she said decisively.”It’s nice to sleep under the stars once in a while.” ‘It is’ Miles thought. He watched her doze off. The grass nearly highlighted her hair. She was at peace, a state he had hoped she’d be in forever. A grin dominated his face at the thought. “Hey, Miles,” he heard her voice say. He pivoted his head on the grass to see that her eyes remained closed. “Yeah?” Miranda extended her arm into her pocket and then to the left to hand him a folded page.”Read it.” Miles read the paper, every word making his insides shudder, and his heart and race.”Where did you find it?” “Internet,” she said sounding gloomier. “Its a publication event. I can’t believe they waited seventeen years to go public.” “It’s probably bait,” he growled to himself.”Another stunt. We can’t let them do this again, I’m not letting anyone else suffer-” “I’ll go with you.” Darn it. She sounded ambitious and whole-hearted. He didn’t want her to get hurt or used especially. He needed her to stay behind, to help his dad watch over Priscilla and his step-mom, Marie. But there were two reasons why she would never do that: she was not passive or submissive, and two, she had a full-on older sibling kind if responsibility for him. He would have to let her go or let her follow. Miles sighed in defeat.”Don’t tell mom or dad. We’ll pack heavy tonight and leave at 2:30 tomorrow,” he said, sitting back up again. Miranda copied and locked her green-eyed gaze on his.” Okay. But you have to promise me that you’ll never leave me and that we’ll warn the others. Miles layed a hand on top of hers and gaped at the stars, hoping that whatever happened next wasn’t going to be a mistake. “I promise.”


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