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Winning Piece: October 2017 Youth Shades Poetry Contest (THE DEVIL’S PUSH by David Adedokun)

A projectile of thundering echoes from the depth of hell,

Beamedas voltaic momentum through the narrow path of the nerves,

The impulse coursing through the numerous tunnels of the brain,

And a battle ground flared up in the mind.

Lights dim and darkness filled up to the brim,

Spilling gradually to every corner of the body;

The heart gets infiltrated turning from crimson to charcoal,

Through the veins, the red salty fluid turned dark vinegar.

The lungs gets aerated with the vaporized evil from the core temperature,

Clear oxygen contaminated and every bit of good about to be suffocated.

All five senses in accordance ready to elicit,

Wicked desires of the monstrous demons about to be fulfilled,

It could be any of; kill, steal, cheat, rape, loot or more,

The command is ‘commit a sin, create a crime scene’.



The poet makes use of descriptive language to bring to limelight the various vices prevalent in our society and among the teeming populace. The images of force, chaos are created with cacophonous words like “projectile”, ” thundering echoes”, ” and voltaic momentum”.

The poem gives us a step by step analysis and explanation of the inner workings of a heart filled with or gearing towards evil. All five senses become numbed with larceny, treachery and other aforementioned vices in the poem.

The poem is power packed as it appeals to our emotions: arousing our moral consciousness. It educates the masses on the stifling impact of crime on the larger populace.

The organization and presentation is superb as the poet consciously strive to present a pleasant symmetry. Worthy of note is the poem’s stamped mark of originality. The poem is natural, free flowing and appears effortlessly crafted though expertise as a result of diligence can’t be overlooked as the key.


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