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1st Runner-up: Youth Shades October 2017 |LUSTFUL HEIST by Emminex Paradox

We burn down buildings, like we find remembrance in embers,

We forget our bodies are burning cities, seething

With a raging inferno, born by lustful desires.


How did the first man know he can harvest pleasures

Amongst the clouds sprawled on a woman’s skin?

Lustful desires are rivers of water, strutting gleefully

On our bodies like butter, glistening on a fresh crusty bread.


Abiké was oblivious her body could douse the flames

Of lustful desires, burning in the bodies of many mean men;

Her budding body was yet to understand the tongue of misery.


Like the Nile, her juvenile tears flowed down her cheeks,

As these ‘high-men’ broke through her hymen;

Paddling their canoe through the valley between her thighs:

A ripple of pain and trickle of blood…tragedy!



The title is appropriate and captivating. The poem highlights the physical, emotional and psychological effect of sexual abuse on a naive young girl by “the high-men.” The poem is laced with metaphors, similes and vivid images of plunder and desecration. To the girl child, the lessons of chastity and self discipline are pointed out. The message is clear but the organization is quite below mark. The poet’s choices of words are explicit to convey the subject matter. The poem appeals to the reader’s sensuality and the overall effect is nauseous.


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