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I grow up in life; life grows up in me

I have seen what pleased me

And I have seen what saddened me

I grow up every day like green leaves in my green land

I couldn’t believe the catastrophe of life

Yet, I doubt the ecstasy of existence



Where life cropped up?

Unknown to everyone; surely known to Someone

I stepped on ready-to-wound ladder, my skins battered

I climbed bees- busy trees; all my skins flood of blood

And spots shine faces on my fresh skins



I cannot forswear; yet I can’t decide to continue

Surely, the true sense of value is known

Through sorrows, sufferings and strivings

Where is happiness? When

When no one can predict his future


I like life; we hate life

Life is sweet; living it is bitter

Disaster and death are the vigorous plane for life

To get plain success

Still, must I stand to look?

I hold up my stance in dreadful circumstances

I fell to the burning fire of success and ecstasy galore




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