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Inemesit by Edidiong Bassey


You are to me; a charming flower

Your beauty in my heart shall not fade nor shall I your sweetness deflower

Under the sun or in the rain only love, to you shall I shower


Yes! I know rough winds shall blow

Yes! I know hard times shall

varying punches throw

But, only care & tender compassion shall I show

For my love for you surpasses what meddlesome hard times can ever know


Come sail with me as your captain

See! We will tour across lands & gigantic mountain(s)

Love shall bear the lamp, leading us to gleeful fountain(s)

Come take my hand, my fair lady

For you are cute & sweet

Like a new born baby

You are soft and warm Like a lady’s teddy

Come take my hand, don’t be coy

For you are far charming and graceful than Helen of Troy

You are precious to me

Like a little child’s toy

My feelings for you, no grief

Can destroy


With you; hand in hand I want to grow greys

With the sunshine of your

Smile casting radiant rays

I want to be your husband

To wipe away the tears

I want to be your lover

So please baby say: Yes…


Edidiong Bassey is a Nigerian from Eket, Akwa Ibom State. He is a Lawyer, Poet, Writer and Teacher. Edidiong believes in using literature(poetry) as a medium of social engineering. He is the author of “Unbound Echoes”, a collection of poems.


This is an excerpt from Youth Shades Magazine October 2017 Issue. Click here to get your copy for free. 


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