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life is what it is for a reason by Jurgen Namupira

Motivation and inspiration will always be the talk of everyday but hearing them is not assurance that they have positive effect in our lives. It then remains a personal responsibility for us all to act and use what we would have heard. First you hear, thus listening attentively, assess what you heard and put it into practice.

Most of us do not suffer because of lack of provision or in simple terms poverty. Our suffering is as a result of poor sight towards life responsibilities. Our greatest resources in life are our minds and those around us. Our minds think, but to think they will need to learn something before they can digest. It’s just like the literal digestion, you need to put in something so that the digestive system will have something to work on. So one needs people and experiences to learn from and adapt the thoughts and strive to develop them.

Life in reality is like the Christian religion, you seek grace but you don’t simply wish for it. There is a certain channel to be followed up until a request is made unto the Most high. For the Christian to reach his father in heaven, firstly he has to listen or read the holy scriptures and meditate on them, identify his problems and activate his faith. The next thing is to connect with the Holy Spirit who will then intercede on his behalf to Yeshua who will also convey the message to God the father.

In the same line, our daily lives can be led too. We learn new stuff and ideas everyday but the challenge is on what we do with them everyday. Do we find amusement in what we learnt alone and keep the award for our glorification? When will we then use that new knowledge practically to benefit us and our surroundings?

It will only require us time to ponder on the acquired knowledge, seek where it is applicable and apply it.


Jurgen Namupira is a published freelance writer who specializes in motivational speeches, short stories, poetry and drama/fiction. He is Zimbabwean by birth and citizenship but currently living and studying Electronics in Cape Town, South Africa. Jurgen is a passionate writer who seeks to impact the world through writing.


Mobile: +27847035204 (call/WhatsApp)



This is an excerpt from Youth Shades Magazine October 2017 Issue. Click here to get your copy for free. 


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