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4 Simple Reasons Why You Wake Up With a Headache by Edidiong Frank

“I keep waking up with a headache!”

Do you find yourself in this situation most times? Then you are not alone. But what causes it? These are just four reasons why that could happen to you.

1. Poor sleep quality: For starters, poor sleep quality can lead to a headache the next day. So the first thing to do is investigate what, if anything is interfering with your sleep. One common culprit is sleep apnea, a condition in which you periodically stop breathing throughout the night. Your body then wakes you up so you’ll start breathing again. You may not even realize that this is happening. Ask your partner or a friend whether you’re a loud snorer—that’s often a tip-off. You need to report this to your doctor.

Teeth grinding overnight can cause soreness in the jaw muscles or temporomandibular joint (or TMJ, which is also the commonly used name for the jaw disorder that sometimes involves grinding). That achiness can lead to a headache. Again, you may not realize that you’re grinding your teeth, but your dentist should be able to detect the problem if it’s there.

2. It could also have to do with allergens. Exposure to dust mites Exposure to dust mites while you sleep can also leave you waking up with an aching head, due to the sinus congestion it causes. If you suffer from allergies, try using allergy proof bedding—special pillowcases, mattress covers and duvets designed to protect you from exposure to mites—and washing your sheets more frequently.

3. Hypoglycemia. An unusually low blood sugar levels in the morning could give you headache. Make sure you eat well at night to prevent this from happening.

4. Consumption of certain foods like overnight alcohol consumption could lead to dehydration, which eventually causes headache; excessive drinking of caffeinated beverages at night could also cause headache in the morning.

You need to see a doctor if symptoms persist despite change in your daily schedule and prevention of triggers. You should also see a doctor if it persists despite treatment for malaria or if this is the first time you are having a headache this severe.


Dr. Frank, Edidiong is a connectrovert and a certified medical practitioner with a track record in research and online medical education. A graduate of University of Uyo Medical School, he is currently working on a research linking social media and sleep disturbances.


This is an excerpt from Youth Shades Magazine October 2017 Issue. Click here to get your copy for free.


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