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Enough of the Regrets of Youthfulness! Open a New Page by Peter Brakaebi

Take it or leave it, life is not just an entity. It is rather fashioned after the designs of a cobweb. It has a lot of sides, nuances and explanations to one’s existence.  To stress it a bit further, life is a struggle. Life is an experience. Life, ultimately, suggests fulfillment. All these suggestions ought to be realised within the gamut of one’s lifetime.

Therefore, existence presupposes living unto fulfillment.  No wonder, one author summarizes that ‘Life is all about broken pieces of time’. Time too is measurable, adjustable and challenging. For instance, a geography student would readily educate a lay person on how varied types of natural water bodies (lakes, lagoons, streams, creeks, rivers, seas and oceans) behave. Each of the lesser water bodies would empty their entities into a bigger one and finally the ocean would turned out to be the overall septic tank for all other water bodies available. In the same vein, seconds are emptied into minutes; minutes pulsate to produce hours; hours in turn graduate into days ; couples of days multiple into weeks ; weeks turn months; months give birth to years. Years now count in decades, scores, anniversaries of silver, golden, diamond, centenary, thousands, millennial, and to infinituum, are celebrated by humankind in one’s life time. Notably, there has being no human who had ever existed that have lived a life of utter impeccability.

No one’s life path could be traced without cracks and breakages come what the age one attained at any given time or place. Because the concept of mortality cannot exist on its own outside human existence, that means humans are always mere mortals, they are not angels or perfect beings. They are bound to fail in life in their own lifetime. Mistakes are bound to appear. Mistakes could be of categories. We may have Premeditated/Deliberate or Silly mistakes. Both kinds do happen. But the former do happen in order to disorganise or frustrate another person(s) designs. Mind you, even silly mistakes could be committed by anyone else.

Mistakes later discovered could be painful or turned into  hurtful memories. Mistakes could be subjugated under scrutiny and turned out to be a positive construing  tool  achieving milestones unto the futurity. That is, mistakes of whatsoever kind made and discovered could be reflected upon; and used as stepping stones for achieving improved moments of life; and as finished products used for striking at higher strides in our various walks of life. Mistakes per se are irreversible but could be considered, envisioned and renewed. We don’t to cry over already spilt milk. The deed is already done. The past is gone. Naturally, Yesterday was there in order to conceive Today so that Tomorrow would come to the bare.

So, you this young guy; boy or girl; a teen; a student or school dropout; undergraduate or graduate; job seeker or employee; now pick up your pen as well as a new exercise book. Open a new and a blank page for yourself. Now, begin to reconstruct, rewrite, all the details of your yesterday; strategize your new plans; be refocused and commit all your ways to the Lord. And at same time, do not dissuade yourself from his unfailing trust ; because, he so much believe in you. So, you too cling to his breast since he so much believe in you. After all, regret presupposes stagnancy, dormancy and hopelessness. I don’t think any enviable, viable and vibrant youth who is a right thinking fellow who’ll like to associate along side with mediocrity, sobbing and unfruitfulness. Note, regrets are to be replaced with hopes.

I guessed young people who had had once caught up within the circle of regrets or calamities could be helped out strictly by means of good counseling, prayer and good morale of friendship. Before I cap the crown, let me share a living testimony about a female friend of mine, who had been victimized by the blows of failures, regrets and sadness with you: I had this good friend sometime 8 years ago. She was a student of a certain Nigerian university. She read Economics. When she got to the final year in her studies. She could not make it to graduation successfully. Hence, she was considered for an extension programme. Without mincing words, she was dispirited, saddened and worn out. Ready to give a quit to education on a final note. I now summoned her; spoke to her senses; and made her felt belonging once again to the academic environment. With much more prayers and counseling sessions, on several occasions, I must ensure that she prayed some  salient Psalms at night for that purpose. After a while, she was buoyed with much hopes. She paid for her extension fees; prepared for the exams, and at last graduated. Afterwards, she served the nation under the scheme of NYSC. Today, she is working in one Maritime School of Technology within the country; receiving a fat salary; and  happily married with two kids. Praise the Lord! Alleluia!!

(C) Rev.  Fr. Peter Lucky Brakaebi


Rev. Fr. Peter Lucky Brakaebi, a Catholic priest of the diocese of Bomadi in Delta State of Nigeria. I finished from a renowned Seminary of SS. Peter Paul, Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State; ordained a priest 2012.I hail from Torugbene town, Burutu LGA, Delta State. I am an Izon(Ijaw) by ethnicity. Born 3rd March 1977. Currently, I am serving as a parish priest in St Paul Catholic Parish, Ekeremor, Bayelsa State.


This is an excerpt from Youth Shades Magazine October 2017 Issue. Click here to get your copy for free. 


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