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October 2017: Kolawole’s Write-Ups


Frustration can only turn people from you, create hatred, call for revenge and initiate war. Try listening and all that you want will be achieved.


When your plan failed you, do not fail but continue planning. One day you shall achieve your plan.

Not the quantity of books you read will expand and originate your thinking but the experience you had gathered from them.



Since the antecedent of man thou peace has be

Togetherness we were like mother and son

You gave, we took and lived like bee

But ungrateful we are and leave you like nun

Indeed, you weight above thinkable ton.


Out of a sudden, you leave our room

Not only but also the path of others.

Is it our sins that sound always boom

Or restless of our tongue that split the orders?

The laws of peace laid by the elders.

Can we really say the cause is the blood?

The blood of the sackless and sweat of the poor

Pensions of the pensioners and effect of their mud

Revenge of the infants who live in poore

And see their drivers in jeeps and lovers for voyeur.


By heaven, we wring our garment from unpick tears

The news of the day are the roasted heads

The symbols of fear are the monk bears

Pray you back peace to unite our hands

Before the flute is piped and teds are sleds.



I am Ayuba Muhyideen Kolawole, the eyes of mother and mirror of father. A lover of writing, speaking and teaching to no extent. I was born in Kwara State, Ilorin and presently a student of English Language at Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto.


This is an excerpt from Youth Shades Magazine October 2017 Issue. Click here to get your copy for free.


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