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Time cycle of deeds by Dauda Onawola

As the subject in any life dealing, whatever you do will happen to you and as the object whatever happened to you shall return to the doer.  This piece is dedicated to those in doubt of the certainty in the above assertion. I still find it difficult to ascertain which part of the law of karma humans don’t understand, in fact,  it is as simple as what goes around comes around, isn’t it? Unless your location in not on planet Earth, you must find few examples around you to prove karma right, why then do you intend to put out the light that will make the future brighter than the sun.

You don’t have to concoct someone’s sack letter before you rise through the cadre at work, if you do so, somebody will of course use you as the main ingredient in such delicacy sooner or later. Shout out to ‘Yahoo boys’ out there, well done! You guys are even smarter than Oyinbo people but thou shalt vomit all currencies swallowed because what man didn’t labor for shan’t linger in his custody.

My people say ”if a fellow betrays under cover, evil befalls him in secret”. In life, every act is a strong stain on the actor which can only be cleansed when it reflects to him with full force. I call it ‘time cycle of deeds’ but popular as ‘karma’ and it is that in which all that emanated from you shall be returned to you here or in the hereafter. It will follow you, believing it or not is your choice to make but it shall follow you to the seven heavens and the seven hells so if it is evil don’t do it! Not in the name of wealth, not in the name of anything.


‘Hold on to thine faith for the creator hath decreed upon thou bountiful prosperity to be revealed by fate in time” – Dauda Onawola

©Dauda Onawola


DAUDA ONAWOLA was born in a Yoruba speaking community in South Western Nigeria. He is the sole admin of Wonder Nation Poetry. He writes to encourage positivity in the human society at large (peaceful co-existence and benign mind set towards others). He also writes on the differences between the ancient societies and the modern world, hope for the ill-born and his ambient situation. He also has a deep affection for strange/weird natural things or events. He could be contacted as follows: mobile: +2348130555674, email: \, FB:, twitter: @onawolaDAUDA, instagram: @d.phinix


This is an excerpt from Youth Shades Magazine October 2017 Issue. Click here to get your copy for free.


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