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Sad Christmas by YakekponoAbasi Adams

The nights are farfetched and eerie,

Stars never appear and I’m teary,

Christmas is here and bells chime,

Everyone misses you time after time.


Christmas trees have been set up,

With lights shinning from the top,

People are celebrating and singing,

We are sitting at home and rambling.


Christmas is not what it used to be,

We say a prayer to God as a plea,

Home isn’t a place far away from you,

A soul that can never be replaced, you.


Grief and sadness roam the house,

We wish you in anyway had a spouse,

We would bask in euphoria expectant

Of your offspring, your memory infinite.


This is the first Christmas without you,

I wish we could celebrate with you too,

I wish I could get you alive as a gift,

But I sit here with my head down, bereft.


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