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The Reason For The Season By ‘Kemy Austine’

It’s Christmas! A time to love and be loved, to share, to reconcile, a time for boxing! Gifts fill the air than any other time of the year. Many empty all their savings for the entire year, just for the sake of the season, some visit their homelands to celebrate with kith and kin, everywhere you go, the sky looks colourful and joyful celebrations throughout the season.

Hotels are patronized this season than ever, restaurants wished they had enough land space to accommodate more persons, the bars never have break, the ‘Abokis’ would want every day to be Christmas.

The children enjoy the season more (schools have ended); even the aged wished the period be extended for them to have enough time with their grandchildren. Christmas bonuses at places of work, and bonanzas at business enterprises; all these make the period interesting!

Many have never thought of the reason for the season , here and there we find this write-up “He is the Reason for the Season.” Yeah! It’s just like any other write-up we see around, especially on social media and at a season where wonderful and well-articulated wishes are random.

Many see it as a ritual that must be performed, others just celebrate it because it’s the year’s end, and perhaps they anticipate new and even bigger opportunities in the coming year. All these are okay – the celebration(s) and your reason(s)!

Two thousand years ago, the Saviour of Mankind was born, although He was God, He took the nature of man; the manger was his maternity ward, the trough was his cradle, a carpenter he chose for a father, a maidservant for a mother.

The city was humming just like this season is humming. People went about doing their duties, the innkeeper I am sure never noticed the happening, market women calling on their customers, some at the bar drinking to stupor, others at the restaurant eating to constipation.

Businessmen running their businesses while the Little Lord was in “cradle” crying for you and I. The cry began in the inns and consummated at the cross! That singular aspect of His ministry (the Incarnation) is for me as important as the Paschal Mysteries (Suffering, Death and Resurrection).

Without the Birth of Christ, His Death would have not been possible! While we celebrate this season wholeheartedly, we should also prepare ourselves to mourn with our Lord at the proper time, as a balanced spirituality is necessary. The bridegroom is with us. Emmanuel is here!

But while you eat, drink and jolly, I encourage you not to be carried away by the noisemaking around the world. Take time to reflect about this mystery; appreciate this mystery by sharing with the orphan, widow, widower, the homeless, the weak, the sick and the dying.

The world made a mistake of not recognising Jesus when he was born but not for the three wise men. Should we make the mistake again by not recognising Him as our brother?

In whatsoever you do this season always remember this quote: “… and whatever your labours and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy – Max Ehrmann (Desiderata).

Remember, He is the Reason for the Season… Merry Christmas!!!


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