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The significance of the Birth of Christ by Evang. Charles Fordjour

Significance is the quality of being worthy of attention; important.

Like having an android phone, if you do not have any knowledge of the apps displayed, you will not know it’s significance. Until you learn its use and know how to use it, it will be on your phone but will lack it’s usefulness. Until we come to full knowledge of the birth of Our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ, His birth will be of no significance to us.


The account of His birth in Matthew chapter 2:1-12 and Luke chapter 2:8-30 gives us some clear information concerning His birth. His star was seen by some wise men in the east. These were not Jews but Gentiles. Christ’s birth was for all humanity of which Jews and Gentiles are both alike. His identity was revealed to the entire human race. He was the born King searched for by the wise men from the east. His birth demands worship. For the Wise men came and worshipped Him. His birth sets the oppressed free from the bondage of sin.


His birth created a sense of fear for Herod  and Jerusalem. The king was afraid of his position and the entire people of Jerusalem were afraid with him. He was revealed as the true Shepherd to the shepherds in Judea. He leads humans to salvation for He directed the wise men through the star. He exhibited Himself as the Way of salvation. His birth brought exceedingly great joy to the entire human race. His birth also warns us of our path and divinely leads us on the right path. The star that brought them to the place of His birth took them through another path to avoid Herod’s attempt on the child.

The birth of Christ has brought enormous benefit to the human race and for this reason His birth needs celebration.


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