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FOR GOD SO LOVE THE WORLD by Ayeyemi Taofeek

The sun isn’t only to wring your clothes dry,

Neither to make your hay dry nor scorch your skin black,

Rather, it spreads vitamin D in the fresh morning

And in the smiling day, it aids photosynthesis.


The coldness of the weather isn’t to freeze you up,

It’s not to bless you with catarrh or cough,

It’s to moisten your system from dehydration

And to make your night a sweet sensation.


The rain is sent to wake the long dead earth

And empower the fertile lands to feed humanity.

When the clock never was, the sun did the counting,

And before the calendar, the moon counted our days.


The sun, the moon and the stars beautify the sky

And are heart-warming feasts for every eye.


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