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NATURE by Sudha  Dixit 

I am nature,

I believe in equality, not  segregation

On the basis of caste, creed,

Colour of skin and religion


I have no gender

As  a  father-figure sky, I  bestow  from  above,

The  sun, the  moon  and  stars, also  clouds,  rainbows

And  with  the  rain  I  shower  over  you  my  love


As  mother  earth  I  reproduce

The  verdant  plants,  and  colourful  blooms

With  mountain  rivers  and  cataracts

I  take  away  the  the  world’s  gloom


I  am  nature, I  am  an entity,  I  am  ‘me’

In  entire  cosmos  I  am  beauty’s  epitome


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