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MOONLIGHT  by Aaliyah Lenyora 

The sight of the moon often leaves me breathless,

It’s beautiful in its own unique way,

Because such beauty leaves me feeling hopeless,

As the shining brightness of the moon can only be seen once a day,

Ever changing shadows on the moon only parts of it shining,

Always hidden never seen fully leaves me wondering,

Will I ever gaze at its fullness for more than one night?

To see this wondrous magnificent light of the moon,

This moonlight so soft and delicate illuminating light,

Such light fills me with longing for more of it to be seen,

Because I gaze at this for only one night,

I shall be filled with determination to catch every sight,

On these special nights my love for gazing at its illuminating beauty,

To see the fullness of the moon shall be my boon as well as my duty.


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