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IDENTITY by Mohlaloganyi Kagiso


We are imperfect to this world, no matter how righteous we try to adjust ourselves to it.

It will always find a fault in our strongest ability which can easily drift us away from our real Identity,that’s  if we follow through.

There’s a saying that says “you will never be free until you free yourself from the prison of your own false thought”. Stop looking at how the world sees you, cause the TRUTH is, living according to the standard of this world of which you will never fit in will eventually define who you are.

Stop obsessing of the world’s compliments about you, cause only fictional words is what it’ll  utter.  Don’t loose yourself in a blur of a star,

Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing, just be true to who you are cause the world  will never be satisfied to your “OWN ” opinion, It will always shake it’s  head to your “OWN” decision, Cause it  is entitled to it’s  “own” opinion .


We have the same genotype that is 100% identical to our father in heaven.

The way God sees us is not how the world looks at us, like back in the days where the world saw Jesus as a criminal, God saw him as a savour. Our real identity lies in our object,As we are the image of God.

Like when we standing in front of a mirror, we serve as an object, and our reflection as an image,when the object moves so do our image,  in other words we are the image of what’s been written moving simultaneous to our object #THE_WORD .

What pains the object the most is that we die at 25 but buried at 75 .that is, not keeping our identity,  loosing track of who we really are .

Our real identity lies in loosing ourselves, and realizing what’s within.

“Greater is he that is within me than the one of this world”.


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