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My country have become slayers by Nosakhare Collins

My country have become slayers


a preacher man once said;

a land is united with tranquillity,

souls sucked with love

and harmony.


a young boy in my street once said;

love is playing football with a neighboring friend

that knows not the meaning of hatred

towards people.


We fight evil men with love

even when their words are hatred

they stabbed us at the back of our spinal cord

and paralysis us

and make us feel useless

midst of white men. Americans.


So what is the mistake we made

by loving evil men

preaching truth to them

now we are sinners in the hands of the law.


What can we tell the growing up children

who are still sucking the fruitful milk of their mothers

what will our stories looks like

when we tell them our country

has become slayers

that evil men has drown us into cold sea

that bend skin into ice block

and break our bones

feeding it to the dogs to eat for breakfast

and dust the remaining part of us into cemetery

after we have fight them with love.


So should we stop fighting them with love

and then pick a cutlass or any machete slay them

taking power over them by force

and make them not to mention slaughtering word full with bitterness

that has no trace of origin

but only full with places of depression

for our country is not a land of impurity

a common soul to slay


Original poem written by: Nosakhare Collins © 2018


About me:

Nosakhare Collins is a Nigerian poet, critic/ reviewer of literary books. His works has appeared and are forthcoming in anthologies, Journals, Magazines and various literary outlets which include Antarctica Journal, Least Bittern Books, Dwart Magazine, Youth Shades Magazine, WRR (words, Rhythms and Rhymes) and so on. He writes from Nigeria, and can be reached through his

Facebook: Nosakhare Collins

Twitter: @nosa_collins

Instagram: nosakharecollins



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