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In the wake of dreams by Osalam Chinwe Wosu


When you dream there’s a chance

You’ll find a field of smiles with leaves

On the face of a child with rainbow eyes.

She will stretch out a hand and play with your hair

And sing like rain on the roof of your soul

Her heart will be of the purest red

Her hair; silky and long will reach into your mind

and caress your thoughts into a blur

When you dream you will find

A little laughter

A happy ever after

A castle of crickets creeping in the crescendo of the night

As the wind whistles wistful wiles on your wings

Your foot will sprout daisies in the grass

Your voice will pour rainbows into the sea.


When you dream you may find a way

From the desert of dead voices in your bones-

A ladder to paradise.

When you dream there’s a little harmony

That echoes even in the hell you call a heart.

There is a chance when you dream

You will find beauty and rhyme

But one thing is for sure

You will surely wake up.


-Osalam Chinwe Wosu


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