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Mama sang poetry

By Nathaniel Okolo


With her arm she cradled
With her back she carried
On her breasts I suckled
Thinking baby thoughts
Mama was never one for many words
She spoke with her lips seldom
But when she did speak, she sang me poetry
Why think ye I now write poetry?
For that was my lullaby
With her voice in my head, I floated to heavenly realms, on my cherubian wings

Mama spoke with her eyes oft
Those big, brown, beautiful eyes
When Chidinma broke my heart
Mama spoke with her eyes
Weep not she said, come to my arms, her eyes implored
My head resting on her bosom, I stained her wrapper with my salty tears
While I cried, she sang me poetry
Weep not Adede, Adugo awaits

I stood waiting at the altar
My heart beating in angst
Adugo, regal queen came to my side, what a beauty, I mused
I lifted up the veil after saying “I do”
But just before sparks flew, I sought in the crowd
For mama’s smiling face
Again with those loving eyes
“Was I not right my son, see how she fits you well”
I nodded in silent agreement, mama was always right

Mama’s hair have all gone grey
Wrinkles now adorn her face
But she still looks as beautiful, as the day father fell for her at the stream
Her breaths come in gasps
Her earthly home is fast decaying
I cannot believe my eyes, heavens host are about to increase by one
Then she speaks, this time with her lips
Come closer my Adede, open up your ears
I grasp her tender hands, opening my ears to her song
And she sings poetry, for one last time

N.O 2017


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