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10 signs that you are addicted to sex

What’s sex addiction? It’s when one is so involved in sexual acts that he or she starts to face problems in life. Some of the signs include:

1. Masturbating all the time: Uncle and aunty, you do it in the morning, afternoon, night, before sex and even after sex.


92596577 - woman hand tied to a sex toy by handcuffs. concept of sex addiction. on dark background. with copy space text. studio shoot.

2. Cheating: No matter how hard you try to control yourself, you can’t. You know you’ll get caught, but you still cheat.


3. You are careless about your sex life: Not using condoms isn’t enough, but if you’re caught having sex in your office, it’s atop your boss’s desk. Hian!


In the video below, we’ve outlined 10 signs that show you or your partner is a sex addict.



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