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The Past ( Said by a young girl)

I never had a chance to know my father.
To tell me how men are,
He was gone before I arrived.
I guess I chased him away,
As I walk in to a dark way.
My life is drifting, has no direction.
I’ve chosen a wrong path.
I think I’m too young to choose wisely.

This guy came and said, he loves me.
His smile softened me.
His gently touch, touched my heart through my body.
He promised me the world.
He said I’m his sun and he’s my world.
At his darkest days I appear and light the world brightly.
He said his future is bright with me.
I said, I love you too, with a smile.

I was a Virgin so innocent.
I was scared of being touched.
My blood was flowing all over full of feelings.
He was my first love, my lover.
His love was new, fresh like a new born baby.
I remember when he called me baby.
He tenderly kissed me.
He turned me on, as he turned the light off.
I started to be scared and worried.
My feelings still on, I loved him.
My lips so dry for his.
We made love.
It was hurting but I enjoyed a little bit.
It’s the past.

Weeks gone he never called or texted.
I saw a couple pass by my house smiling.
I forced a smile.
I missed him with a broken heart.
He then called and dumped me for being young and dumb, I guess.
He got what he wanted to taste.
He took my pride as he is so proud.
The lips he used to kiss
They taste tears of sorrows,
I’m heartbroken, there’s no me anymore.
Ooh this helpless soul of mine so young.
This world filled with heartless souls
Who left me helpless and powerless
God give me strength
I was deceived, love blinded me.
Lesson learned and it’s in the past.
The past said by a young girl.

© Mxolisi Ñ Nkambule

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