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These Events (Chapter 2)

By Nathaniel Okolo


Maxine walked as fast as her legs could carry her, or at least as fast as the stupid high heels she was wearing would allow her to walk.
She hated high heeled shoes, always had, always would, then why was she wearing it?
What had even driven her to buy them in the first place?
Now that she thought about it, for the past few months, she had found herself doing things that should normally would not want to be caught doing, for reasons she could not lay her fingers on.
As she tried to rack her brain and come up for  a reason for her latest seemingly senseless decision, the pace of her walking seemed to slow down, this was going to make her even more late to class.
She was supposed to have been in class fifteen minutes ago, luckily for her, on getting to the lecture hall, she discovered that that the usually punctual lecturer was nowhere to be found, well at least something had gone in her favor today, she muttered to herself.
This thought lifted her spirits a bit, that is until she saw them.
The mere sight of them together brought dark, bitter bile to her mouth, she willed herself to look away.
Why, why would max do this to her, why?
But almost immediately she countered it with another thought, who cares, he can do whatever he likes.
For the past six months or so, ever since coming back from that fateful study session, where she had smiled knowingly to herself, thinking things could not be better, max had changed drastically, but not in the direction she had been hoping for.
He started keeping to himself, he rarely spoke to her, and worst of all, he had started moving around with a strange girl she had never seen before.
This sudden turn of event had not escaped the attention of their other friends, who a first took to taunting Maxine, but as time wore on, and max totally withdrew from her company, not even deigning to offer her a greeting when they passed each other on the street, they grew more sympathetic to her plight, and were also perplexed at this unexplainable change that had occurred in max, that would make him discard his once bosom friend.
Maxine did everything she could to try and win back the affections of her friend, with whom she had once hoped, something more could happen.
But all she seemed to be able to achieve was push max further away, as he seemed to want nothing to do with her, they had become total strangers.
And try as hard as she could to deny it, it had affected her drastically, just who was this girl who had stolen max’s affection from her?

All the way from the crowded entrance of the lecture hall, up to the point to she decided to sit down and wait for the commencement of the lecture, he watched her every
Step, her subtlest movement, every wave of her hand, every twirl of her hair, every rise and fall of her chest.
With each movement, his heart beat as ferociously as it had the first day they had met. He longed to go to her, hold her hand, make her laugh, but he couldn’t, all he could do was to sigh deep, and let out a stifled moan.
What’s wrong? Piped a squeaky voice beside him, and for the millionth time since this ordeal began, max wished he could commit murder, but he had to resign himself to doing nothing but let out another mournful sigh.
Are you alright, came the voice again, this time with a bit more concern, I am fine, answered max, nothing’s the matter Mildred, it was all he could do not to scream, as he gave her a look over, and wondered how he had gotten himself into this mess.


To be continued…


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