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These events (Chapter 3) by Nathaniel Okolo

Oh! How he longed to be with her again, to walk with her down the well-manicured road of the university on the way to her hostel
All of that now seemed like nothing but a mirage, a puff of smoke in the air that every time he tried to grasp, always slipped from his fingers.
For now, and eternity it seemed, he was stuck with Mildred, he had done all he could to put an end to the situation, but all to no avail, he had even condescended to begging Mildred, asking her to appeal to her brother on his behalf, but all his pleas had falling on
Deaf ears, God he hated this girl, hated her brother, hated himself, hated everything at the moment.
In the middle of this midday soliquisy, his roommate and best friend, apart from Maxine that is, sauntered into the room they both shared.
Meeting max in a gloomy mood was turning into an everyday event that James didn’t seem to notice it anymore, the guy practically wore his gloom like a shirt every day.
And try as much as he could, James had been unable to pry the reason for this unpalatable way living from his friend, though he suspected, it had something to do with his now frosty relationship with Maxine.
He quietly made his way to his own side of the room, and tried to concentrate on his yet to be finished assignment, while he tried not to look in his friend’s direction, this proved to be harder than he thought, he just could not take it any longer, he needed to know the secret, and not knowing annoyed him.
Max could not help but be amused by his friend’s unsuccessful attempt at concentrating on his school work.
Though he had been successful up to this point in keeping what had become his greatest source of sadness to himself, he knew it was time, he let someone know about the situation, and who better than his friend and roommate.
With that decision made, he cleared his throat to get James attention, I think it’s time I told you what’s been bothering me.
Before the words had left his lips, James, flew of his study bench and onto his friends bed, and began animatedly asking for all the details, calm down max said, a little amused at his friends penchant for gossiping.

I can’t believe it, James kept muttering to himself, I can’t believe it, I just cannot, it did not seem to bother him that he was muttering loudly, nor that other students were giving him curious glances.
So lost in his thoughts and mutterings was he, that he was oblivious to his incoming other best friend until he bumped into her.
Can’t believe what James?
Her voice brought him back to the present, but not to the reality of who asked the question, he kept on muttering, I can’t believe max kept this to himself.
The mention of that name left Maxine momentarily confused, max….max…..why was James walking around muttering his name.
Realizing that he had not heard her question, she asked it again, though rephrasing it this time….. James, what happened to max?
Just saying his name, made her heart skip a beat, and this annoyed her, she thought she was over this, well that could wait, for now she needed to know what had got James muttering to himself in public.
On finally realizing who he had bumped into, James became nervous, God, he had almost broken his promise of secrecy to max, and worst of all, to the one person in the world max would not wanting him telling the tale to.
He wondered what she had heard from his mutterings, and was quickly trying to come up with a story to explain himself.
James, what did max do? Came the question again….. Err… Max…. err he broke my glasses this morning, even as the words left his mouth, he knew it was the worst response he could have come up with, and based on the looks she was giving him, it was apparent she was not buying it.
One look at James, and Maxine knew he was lying, or at least was trying to lie, but doing a very horrible job at it, besides, how could max have broken his glasses, when those same glasses were on his face,
Before she could question him further, James hastily excused himself, and fled from the scene before he could betray his friend any longer.

Left alone with her thoughts, Maxine wondered what could have happened between max and James that would have gotten the latter so nervous, and muttering to himself.
Then it hit her, the only time James ever muttered aloud was when he had a secret, or knew something which no one else knew, and he was dying to tell it. So the question now was, what had max told James that would make him so nervous?
What, she had to know, for her heart was now in turmoil.


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