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Holy sinner

He lived a noble life-
A well-bred gentleman in his time
He touched the many lives around him;
a very notable icon in history.

He had respect from elders at a young age
Amongst his peers, he was wiser in many ways
He was a handsome humble boy
And the village first drummer boy

He was living in a secret
And hid his pains with feigned laughters
He is depressed day and night when alone
And is overwhelmed by fears of the unknown

He loved the Words of Life
And to follow the path of rightness
But he’s been always overcome by blindness
And keeps company with idle minds
Now, he’s joined the bad gangs.

Now, he no longer understands wisdom
It has become folly to him
He’s gradually leaving the Kingdom
But wouldn’t he know there is more to life than bread and meat?

They all call him a fine boy
Not many know he’s an expert playboy
But he’s a preacher of the Word;
Passionately seeking the lost for the Lord,
passionately derailing from His word.

He’s closer to the end
of his days on earth
And he doesn’t know
Till his breathe is taken the last
He’s still young and full of fresh blood ;
He deceives himself, he slowly dies of heart attack

They celebrate him with festivities
” a hero has fallen ”
” he rests with our ancestors ”
But no, the little boy is dead
He cries bitterly in torments
He only now awaits judgement
Oh, how he’s to rot in hell!
Oh, what a pitiful end!

Now, he’s finally dead
Now, the wicked one roams for another soul to send
to hell,
where the wicked forever dwells.
Will you for the Lord, remain fidel?
Will He find you faultless?
Would you want to die?
Would you want to repent?


Friends, God loves you!

He doesn’t delight in sinners. He’s not willing that any should perish. Let him in.


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