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The wealthiest spot

By Author Enobong Ukpabio




Do you know the wealthiest spot on earth is The cemetery?

The cemetery
The wealthiest spot on earth,
This carries in it
The music that hasn’t been produced,
The books that hasn’t been published,
The Top politicians that are not known,
Great leaders that don’t exist.

The cemetery,
Potential carrier with dormant ability
And hidden strength,
With unused success and concealed power
Of whom we have but no one knows,
Filled with what to be done but haven’t been done.

The cemetery,
A trillion sand for successful and unsuccessful elites,
A quite but most unforgotten spot of every existence,
The universe to be visited by all,
A home for both the Rich and the Poor to be united,
A place for sinners and the righteous to live in,

The cemetery,
A spot where many facts and truths are buried to,
A place where ideas are hidden,
A place where dream(s) and destiny(s) exist in,
A place where trouble makers and peace setters live in
A place where a loved one(s) is forgotten with or without a cause

Oh, thou wealthiest spot
A tomb where our Lord Jesus Christ
Visited and defeat,
It’s time to disappoint you,
I promise you to be an empty spot
In a little while from now,
You will be the empty forever
Till Christ our Lord comes….
I’ll die empty, what about you?

© Author Enobong Ukpabio – 01082018


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