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Do you lean on the wall
When sad,
Or on a friend
Or on a Movie sofa?
How does it feel to cry?
Who knows how much you suffer,
Even though you type on a thousand keypad?


There comes our first baby
Oh the joys of safe delivery!
Years may come
But this is one memorable-
To be a mother,
To bear a kicking child.


Six days later
The child is sick
He suffers from tuberculosis
You’re restless and not at ease
Your only child, oh God please!


You take him to the hospital
They transfer him a foreign blood
A foreign deadly blood
He is leaning
He is leaving
You hear the shivering news-
He’s kicked the shoes
You slump blue.


A moment ago
You were all smiles
Thinking how good it feels to laugh
Cheering with your favorite song
And eating the fattest food, unconcerned.


Oh the sadness in your eyes now
What bitter-bite of blame on you
They say it’s your fault
They say your village people are at work.
Oh…how you feel right now
Could you have been any worse “motherer” ?
don’t push it hard on yourself


Take courage, dear.
Lift your head up.
The future is pregnant
The days are coming
When children shall round your table
Cheer up and see
The strength of motherhood
Smile, beautiful one
Smile to sadness
And remember that



Thank you for reading through, people!And for your stayed audience! We are appreciative of your support, sweeties .


A mother, they say, is strong and sweet. But sometimes the journey may be scratchy and rough. This can really make her feel down and weak. And, you can tell, her heart might just be broken and bitter.

But there’s sure a balm just perfect for healing the heart. It’s in the knowledge and believe that God is near us. Just with Him, the joys of motherhood is sure and intact!



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