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By Nathaniel Okolo

I make the society,
You make the society
Does the society make us?
We often say “don’t let the society corrupt you, influence you”. But wait
A society does not just become bad, or starts off as bad
It is not an entity, with the ability to be good or bad
It is an abstract representation of the space we inhabit.
Before the society makes something
It must first be made into something itself
So if the society is a creation of all of us
Then it can only make us what we make of it

Society is not the cause of the effect
Society is the effect caused by the cause, which affects the cause
It is what the people make the society into, that the society makes of the people
So we cannot rely on the effect to change the cause
For the cause comes before the effect, God came before creation, man before society
The cause has the inherent trait, which it imparts on the effect
Hence the effect reflects back what it gets from the cause

So let us not say ‘don’t let the society determine your outcome”
Rather, let us determine the society’s raw materials,
Hence determine the society’s outcome
Hence determining our interaction with the society, to be positive
Society is our mirror,
It reflects back the incident we direct onto its path,
And we in turn refract those rays back to it


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