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Decorated Mud houses of burkina faso

Welcome to today’s episode of Wonders of the World on Youth Shades TV. Usually, when mud houses are mentioned, we think about the ones in our villages that aren’t quite pleasing to the eyes.

However, it would interest you to know that there are decorative mud houses in Burkina Faso which might just make your heart skip, depending on how you look at them. I am Yakkie and I hope you enjoy this video.


Traditional art and architecture are alive in the village of Tiébélé in Burkina Faso. This village belongs to the Kassena ethnic group. Here, houses have been built of materials that can be easily obtained within the vicinity – mud, wood, brick, stone and cow dung.


Many of the houses’ features aim at increasing the houses’ ability to protect its inhabitants, both from the forces of nature and from human enemies. For example, the houses are designed without windows, though a small opening or two are present so that some sunlight can get in. Additionally, the only entrance is through a small door less than a meter high. The walls of these houses normally have a thickness of over 30 cm (11.81 inches), which provides its inhabitants with sufficient protection.


Crocodiles and snakes wind their ways across the walls. The creatures swim in a sea of stars, moons and geometric designs… The paintings have a more symbolic meaning behind them. For instance, the depiction of crocodiles and snakes, which are regarded by the Kassena to be sacred animals capable of keeping bad luck and diseases at bay. Stars and moons, on the other hand, are meant to symbolize goodness and hope.


Wow! What an in depth of art and architecture at a cultural display. If you ever visit the Kassena people, kindly send us some pictures. That’s all for today and remember Wonders of the World on Youth Shades comes to you every Sunday. I hope to see you next Sunday right here, so why don’t you like our Facebook Page – Youth Shades and share this post so your friends can explore this Wonder as well. Ciao!

Watch the video below for more details.



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