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The Prophet (Part 4) by YakekponoAbasi Adams Ufodiama

My body system immediately adjusted to the scenario and worked in my favor. I probably stood up because I was suddenly able to, or I didn’t want my aunt to descend on me. She asked me to mop the kitchen; I gladly did.


A week later, I heard footsteps in my aunt’s room. My aunt had earlier gone out, so I wondered who was in her room. Out of curiosity, I tip-toed to the room. I redhandedly caught Annie stealing money from my aunt’s jewelry box; I gasped. I guess I must have gasped so loud because she looked in my direction. She just stood there staring at me while I walked out of the room.


Few minutes after my aunt returned, she summoned me. I was surprised to see Momma with her. Nobody had told me Momma would pay us a visit. I beamed with smiles, but on a closer look at Momma’s face, it bore no semblance to a smiling face.


I wondered why Momma was sad. My thoughts ran wild and I thought of my siblings. Had something happened to any of them? Why had Momma showed up impromptu without my knowledge?


I shrugged and thought she had borrowed a phone, called and informed my aunt. I wondered why my aunt hadn’t told me, then I remembered that our relationship for the past few days hadn’t been quite rosy.


Annie stood by the door with a smirk on her face. It seemed as though she was indirectly saying I totally deserved what was coming to me. The prophet was there too and he gave me a hateful look. I sighed, but with no relief.

To be continued…

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