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This Place Was Home


I can’t say how it all happened,
I mean the distance between us too,
I can’t tell why the sun refused to smile,
But it’s obvious that we let the sparkles die.

I was Prince Charming you were my enchantress,
I was the Emperor of you my dream Empress,
We were high in the aura of our romantic spree,
And the beginning of the ending, I was too blind to see.

My name was sweetest, when your mouth screamed it,
My heart was the gladdest when your hand held me,
My sight was the clearest, when your presence I beheld,
But now, my soul is injured.

Oh! The scent of your presence, now a burden,
The crave for your touch, died with your exit,
The heart that once craved for you has lost rhythm
Now my soul longs for a new heart to call home.

Now you are to me, the beauty I used to know,
The shelter that once saved me from piercing cold,
For the light of passion in our hearts had burnt so low,
For this place before me was once Home.
©Okorie Michael Oluebube

Title credit: Akinsimoye Samuel O. Godson


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